Courage…fire of the heart.

The root of the word courage is cor- the latin word for heart.

Not to go all Brene Brown on you, but to have courage is to make yourself vulnerable. Making your heart open and being the real you.

This is something that, at times I’ve been hurt by but something that I know makes me who I am. As a young girl, I was always taught that courage was being brave. Something almost seen as masculine in identity as a child in the 1980’s. It wasn’t until I began to grow as a young woman, that I began to see how courage wasn’t bravery as it had been portrayed in many forms throughout my childhood. Courage was something from the heart. A raw honesty that shone from you as part of your spirit. A fire. I had this spirit, this fire but I contained it because I never knew quite what it was.

As life tested me, and circumstances shaped me through my 20’s and 30’s, my courage dimmed. I conformed and led the life that was expected. Until one day, as I was approaching my 40’s, I looked in the mirror and wondered where that unexplained fire had gone…where was the spark was that had once lived in me?

That glimpse in the mirror was the day I reignited. The day I found my courage to change my life course. To put myself on the path intended for me. I no longer wished to travel along a path that was determined by cruel behaviours of others or fear of never being enough. I wanted that fire in my heart to lead me on a new path, determined by me and me alone. I have made positive lifestyle changes, changed direction in my career and dared to live. I have challenged myself beyond belief and continue to do so. I make myself vulnerable so that I can experience life in all its beauty – the good times and the difficult. I am courageous… I now follow a true path of courage, led by the fire in my heart.

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