Forgiveness – it’s a cure.

Nearly every week I go to church and every week I repent my sins to my God. He forgives me. Forgiveness is perhaps one of the most difficult thing for one human to do for another. Forgive. I have walked this Earth for 41 years and I know I have sometimes made wrong decisions. I know I have hurt people, more often than not unintentionally and I know that I have been forgiven. I am grateful for that.

You see forgiveness from the point of view of the perpetrator, is something that is needed in order to move on. Just like me every Sunday in church. A clean start. A new beginning. What if you are the victim, the person who has been wronged and never get the apology? Never get the acknowledgement that someone has hurt you, upset you or done something wrong. How do you move on? How do you get over that?

Being able to forgive someone for doing something to you, without ever acknowledging it or apologising for their behaviours toward you… that is where true freedom lies. Holding on to the hurt, re-living the events and creating a life that wasn’t yours to live, just to hide from the shame does not serve you well. It eats away at you over time and the only cure is forgiveness. It takes a while to reach this point, it takes time to reach the decision to forgive…but when you do that’s when you start to live again and claim the life back that you were destined to live. Forgiveness is the cure for your sadness and it breathes life into you once more. Forgiveness is good for the soul as no one can hurt you when you let it go.

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