Optimism needs balance.

I work alongside a realist, in our year 6 class. He’s also the deputy head of the school and has great vision. He’s been an asset to our school, since joining us almost three years ago. We work extremely well with each other, as our skill sets are very different. As a result our children get a wonderful variety of opportunities presented to them with good knowledge and understanding in our specific fields.

I am an optimist. I am the free flying bird that will sore to the sun believing that anything is possible. I am pulled back down to earth by my colleague who will add time constraints, resources and feasibility into the many discussions we have on the best approach with our children. I inject him with optimism and he dilutes my optimism with realism and I think that works.

Finding that balance prevents the chaos that optimism can create and the monotony of following rules and not exceeding the bar can stagnate. There is no room in our working relationship for negativity ( unless we are discussing our retrospective football teams…that’s a sure dank cloud being a Bolton fan!)

We are like a see-saw . When one is too heavy in the mix we balance each other out. I believe that’s what children need. A balance of optimism with realism. It doesn’t dash dreams. In my opinion, it helps our children to become more resilient. The realist uses the word “no ” more often. Our children need to be able to learn to say and understand the word no as much as they need to say and understand the word yes and the consequences of those words.

So our year 6 children, get the best of both worlds, that are a great mix- I value and respect my colleague and think that fine balance is a great recipe in shaping the lives of our future generation. The optimist in me believes we will be back in before the end of summer, the realist in my colleague thinks I’m being optimistic. We are both planning accordingly, but I think i’ll win this one- hopefully!

Optimism definitely needs balance.

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