Trust is something I give away freely. Is it a flaw of my character, dangerous, foolish or is it a sign that I’m quite happy to be vulnerable and open with the world?

Why do I trust so easily? It’s quite simply because I like to be trusted. I invest my trust in people and hope they would do the same.That’s when you feel valued and give your best. Trust is a positive gift that lifts people. Trust is an investment. Trust is a relationship builder. A way to breakdown barriers and a way to move forward and grow.

Trust strengthens ideas, cements friendships and partnerships. It is the very thing that upholds communities, businesses, schools…

When trust is absent, negativity, unwillingness to give and develop, and a general blanket state of stagnation can consume you. It’s toxic.

I have had some bad experiences both personally and professionally whereby my trust has been abused or broken. That is very hard to deal with. Like the biggest ball of rejection blasted through a cannon into your heart and gut. It hurts. However, not everyone is the same, so why allow trust issues connected with other people consume you and make it difficult for any future relationships,collaborations or friendships? That’s wrong. Projecting the actions of others onto somebody else isn’t right. They are not the same person.

Having this outlook on life has allowed me to create some very solid friendships, build good connections and move in positive circles. I have grown as a person and look at things in a positive way. I only lose my trust in someone if they choose to betray it. Do I ever trust them again, yes, but I’m wary. Otherwise I let the negativity that I so wish to avoid, consume me.

Trust is a bedrock of society. It allows all the other qualities to grow: kindness, love, belief, respect, honesty, integrity. Trust is like the gold in the Japanese art form of Kintsugi. The golden thread that holds you together. Without it nothing else can exist in a real or true state. To be truly kind, you need trust. To truly love, you need trust…I can go on but I trust you understated my message.

2 thoughts on “Trust

  1. I love the idea of Kintsugi! Someone replicated it on episode 1 of BBC Three’s Glow Up and they talked about how it actually becomes more valuable after it’s been broken and repaired because of the gold. It’s a lovely way to illustrate how we grow and may become more valuable once we’ve learned a few life lessons!


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