“Mummy, why is the sky blue? Mummy, why does my ball come down when I throw it up? Mummy, what’s that? Mummy, how do you know? “

As a mum I have loved MOST of the why questions from my children as they’ve grown up…some have been rather embarrassing and have made me feel socially uncomfortable, but I’ve gotten through it, Just! I’ll refrain from sharing.

To have curiosity, to want to know why something is what it is or works the way it does, is the fertiliser required for growth. Without the why, nothing would move forward. Curiosity can take you into the growth zone from the comfort zone with one fleeting thought. How many times have you heard something or not understood something and reached for your phone to google? As a human race we need curiosity to feed our ever growing mind. We need it to fuel creativity and design. We need it in order to wake up every day! I know I often go to sleep with the thought, ” I wonder what tomorrow will bring?”

Curiosity can be rewarding and can be punishing. Can create wonderful opportunities or epic failures to learn from, but it is a requirement in order for the world to keep turning.

I often turn the phrase ” Stop the world I want to get off.” I’ve often contemplated it many times in meditation- what would my world look like if everything just stopped? If we had time to breathe. Whoa, and here we are now, in a world of pause, a world of just breathe and a world of just slow down. The world has stopped and we get to get off and just pause, reflect and slow down! It is like a scene out of a warped science fiction movie, when you really think about it. Yet, it has given us time to be curious about the world in a brand new way. A way that gives us time to follow our questions and find the answers and explore them even further. I am loving it! I’m growing! I’m learning and and I’m not afraid of the question “what if?” anymore. It’s like I’m that small little girl again, given another opportunity to ask all of those why questions without fear, judgement or ridicule. I want to keep this new found curiosity as we enter every new phase of our new normal. I want my life to thrive and fill with excitement and wonder of all the new things, that being curious can bring.

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