The opposite of being divided. Being united, means being together in the same cause- lots of different entities coming together. Covid19 had prompted unity across the world.

I feel that now more than ever, the teaching profession has united as a force to be reckoned with and I feel privileged to be a part of it. Working together for the greater good of our students. People with expertise passing on their knowledge. Support offered to lift each other up and a general sense of ” we are in this together” makes me feel proud to say I am part of this profession.

For many years, I have shied away from the likes of #TwitterEd. Fear of not being good enough, impostor syndrome? I don’t know, but I now realise I have been missing out a wealth of support and expertise of some wonderful people who are united in their work in education. Inspirational leaders and wonderful practitioners.

The staff have in my school have come together too. United in supporting each other when faced with uncertainty of Covid19. United in helping each other with resources and ideas…in dealing with anxieties and stress. We will all work together on making our school as safe as possible for our students and each other.

I can go on to talk about the unity of our country, the rainbows and clapping for the NHS. The courtesy and kindness people have shown. The money raised by Captain Tom and all the wonderful offers of help to make PPE and help keep the country going. It’s a wonderful feeling, the feeling of unity.

I think the most important example of unity that I have felt over the past eight weeks, is that felt by my little family. Our little bubble of love. Making my two boys feel happy, secure and as content as possible, in the current climate, has been my priority as a mum. We’ve experienced more sit down family meals, lovingly prepared and cooked by myself, in lock down than we did in the whole of last year! We have shared quality time and many great laughs…bringing our family unit together. That has been priceless.

I think moving forward, as we face the prospect of clawing back some sort of normality, as we phase return back into our usual existences, unity is going to be very much needed. In order to have unity, compromise will be required and lots of understanding. I just hope as a nation moving forward, we can sustain the unity we have displayed. I know my family unit is a strong as ever and I am proud of that. I know my school family is stronger now, even more than when we go through an Ofsted inspection! I know that my professional family have shown our field of education to be made of strong stuff. I just hope our nation goes on to prove we are able to unite and get us back on track in making our world a better place for all- together.

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