Hope is a wish. Hope is confetti that is thrust into the air and set free, each little piece floating in the breeze. Hope lingers on your lips and in your mind. A will of what could be. Hope is a thought that might change someone’s mind. Hope is want and desire. That is all very poetic and beautiful but hope in a pandemic is essential.

When pondering this theme, hope made its trusty appearance. ” I hope I can think of something good to write about.” What fuels hope? What makes hope happen? Does it work in isolation?

The triad of Faith, Hope and Charity comes to my mind as I write. I’m not talking of the sterling silver necklace that adorned the Elizabeth Duke section of the Argos catalogue- circled every Christmas, as I made my list of hopeful maybes. Nope… I’m talking of Faith (Belief), Hope (Dreams) and of charity ( love) all of what I was led to believe of the triad that was bantered about in adult conversations, as I was a child growing up. Theologically speaking, these are virtues that God puts into the soul of all he/she has created. According to the Apostle Paul, charity is referred to as love.

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

1 Corinthians 13:13

As I look at the media circus currently surrounding teachers and their concerns in opening the schools up to a wider selection of pupils (in addition to the key worker children ) I feel sad. Sad of the fact that the virtues of our teachers, senior leaders and headteachers have been overlooked to satisfy the need to point the finger- someone to blame – by the press. Teachers are, according to most journalists, the “lazy” scapegoats.

I am going to refer to one particular headteacher, (some of you may know whom I am thinking of) who perhaps stands for every single headteacher up and down the country, in that he is driven by the triad of values; faith, hope and love for his staff and pupils and their families. Through his relentless work, using his voice of reason and having integrity, he has made himself vulnerable to criticism. Criticism from those who sit idly at their laptops, drumming up nonsense stories of criticism and fault to berate him and the teaching profession with out of sheer boredom.

To those journalists, I hope your words choke your pen, keyboard or any weapon of choice that you so desire.

I believe that those types of journalists don’t possess those values that I mention. How could they? They have very little faith in our ability as educators, why, I do not know? They have very little hope that we are doing our best in unprecedented circumstances, and they lack any ounce of love for human beings, as kindness with their words seems to evade them . Their pens seem to leak poison.

As we enter mental health awareness week, with kindness as it’s theme, I hope that the journalists, who see fit to question teachers, think before they publish. These are teachers who feel unsafe to enter a school and teach groups of children without PPE. These are teachers who are worried about the possibilities of becoming infected with Covid19, who worry about enforcing social distancing rules with little people who just want to hug their friends. Who have the serious fear of possibly infecting their loved ones that they have spent the past eight weeks protecting in lock down. I hope they think before writing their infected words. I hope they think… is this True, is this Helpful, is this Inspiring, is this Necessary, is this Kind?

We don’t need anymore teacher bashing, we need more faith, hope and love. I just hope they realise this soon.

2 thoughts on “Hope

  1. This is lovely.
    I strive to be kind and think that faith, hope and love are principles we should adhere too. I have THINK on the wall of my office at work. I have light, love and hope at home in my office.


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