It’s not that I’m scared of dying…I’m scared of not living.

In the wake of the death of the very talented, and beautiful Helen McCrory to cancer at the age of 52, and having had cancer hang around me like a shroud of impending doom this past 18 months-snatching friends and threatening the lives of loved ones, I sit here wondering if I’m living enough? ThisContinue reading “It’s not that I’m scared of dying…I’m scared of not living.”

What if?

What if ? The open question…designed to set the imagination free to wander. The open question…designed to make you think of what could be. The open question…loaded with so many wonderful opportunities. What if we lived in a world that never allowed us to use our imagination, that never allowed you to think or speakContinue reading “What if?”


verb allow or enable to escape from confinement; set free.” allow (something) to move, act, or flow freely.” noun the action or process of releasing or being released. the action of making a film, recording, or other product available to the public. I write this as I sit content in the knowledge that I haveContinue reading “Release”


noun a strong feeling of support or allegiance. My star sign is Leo. I am loyal…my star sign tells me so. My heart tells me so. My actions and words tell me so. I am a Bolton Wanderer’s fan. I support my home team, always have and always will, regardless of their position within theContinue reading “Loyalty”


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