It’s not that I’m scared of dying…I’m scared of not living.

In the wake of the death of the very talented, and beautiful Helen McCrory to cancer at the age of 52, and having had cancer hang around me like a shroud of impending doom this past 18 months-snatching friends and threatening the lives of loved ones, I sit here wondering if I’m living enough? ThisContinue reading “It’s not that I’m scared of dying…I’m scared of not living.”

Practice What You Preach

“Practice what you preach.” “Put your money where your mouth is.” “Walk the walk and talk the talk.” Little proverbial sayings that often get bantered about to suggest hypocrisy occurring, of some sort. As a teacher, I often reminded my children to make sure they were drinking enough water and I’d build stretching activities intoContinue reading “Practice What You Preach”

Ladies, Stop Pushing The F**k It Button!

I find eating healthy ALL of the time difficult. I find sticking to an exercise plan tough going. I get feelings of resentment when I’ve been busting a gut to “be good” and my progress slows. The “F**k it button” is always flashing at me at certain points during my training and I beat myselfContinue reading “Ladies, Stop Pushing The F**k It Button!”

The Christmas Jumper Moment.

“Dear God”, I shuddered as I looked over the pictures of Christmas 2014, ready to choose the ones that were going into the digital family album. The picture was like the many others that had littered social media platforms that year -“the family Christmas Jumper shot”. I sat staring at the image, I looked atContinue reading “The Christmas Jumper Moment.”

Early Years Practitioners – a new found respect.

“ Boss, if you ever want to get rid of me, just put me in Early Years!” That was always the joke between my headteacher and I. The very thought of working in Early Years made me break out in a hot sweat, shudder with fear. Staff meetings would often see our early years leadContinue reading “Early Years Practitioners – a new found respect.”

100 Words of Teacher Wisdom.

Smile.  Be kind. Listen. Watch. Learn. Sleep. Eat. Drink water. Exercise. Plan. Think. Enjoy. Laugh. Giggle. Hug. Mark. Report. Rest. Read. Write. Party. Be with your friends. Go on visits. Tidy. Organise. Label. Journal. Gratitude. Be spontaneous. Ask. Be brave.  Be honest. Cry if you need to. Support. Befriend. Join a union.  Challenge. Find balance.Continue reading “100 Words of Teacher Wisdom.”

The Three Caps of Transition.

I am privileged and yet I am hampered by the position I find myself in during this pandemic. All three caps that I have the option of choosing, can either conflict or empathise with one another depending on the points of discussion. I find it hard sometimes to switch between them as their points ofContinue reading “The Three Caps of Transition.”

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